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Lumbini Heritage Tour

Lumbini Heritage Tour

Inviting the world to work towards creating a peaceful society through Buddha’s peace message, Visit Lumbini (Nepal Tour) from the birthplace of Gautam Buddha so as to make the birthplace of Buddha a centre of global attraction. Lumbini is one of the country’s 10 sites inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List; Buddha fought against starvation, terrorism, hatred, wars and intolerance, and insisted that country is heading towards ensuring perennial peace, ending the impact of past conflicts. Buddha’s discourses have high influence on both domestic and international communities and we all Nepalese people and sky star int’l travels together welcome people from  around the world to visit Lumbini Nepal.

The campaign will also focus on mobilizing the networks of the Non-Resident Nepalis (NRN) communities, Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad, I/NGOs, airlines, and national and international media. Similarly, friends and well-wishers of Nepal, tourism academicians and celebrities will also be approached in order to highlight the campaign internally as well as internationally.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, The messanger of peace, is one of the holiest places on the earth. Lord Buddha mother, Shakya Queen Mayawati, gave birth to prince Gautam inside the beautiful Lumbini garden in 623 B.C. The holy Lumbini is the most sacred pilgrimage site for the millions of Buddhist throughout the world. Most of the tourist arriving in Nepal visit Lumbini characteresed by peaceful environment and the numerous temples and monasteries constracted by various countries. Lumbini, is a suitable place to understand the historic background of Buddhism as well as the life history of Lord Buddha. The temple dedicated to Mayadevi is the main attraction of Lumbini. Located beside the temple are the holy Pushkirini Lake and the Ashok Pillar. erected by emperor Ashok of Magadh, India to make the birthplace of Lord Buddha.



The Mayadevi temple is the most important temple among the ancient heritages located within the Lumbini garden. The temple houses ancient idol of Mayadevi, the Birth Marker Stone and the ruins from 3rd century BC to 7th century BC. The interior of the temple has a heavenly peaceful environment that brings to life the clairvoyance from ancient time. Tourists love to take photographs of the treasure trove of the ancient artifacts.

Ashok Pllar

The Ashok Pillar located within the Lumbini garden is regarded as an important historical heritage. Famous Maurya emperor Ashok of Magadh in India had ordered the pillar to be erected in 249 BC while on a pilgrimage following the advice of his spiritual teacher Upagupta, Emperor Ashok had erected the pillar along with a stone tabler that has inscription saying "Shakyamuni Buddha was born here". The pillar and the inscription stand as a testament of Lumbini being the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Holy Pushkirini Lake

Prior to giving birth to Lord Buddha, his mother Mayadevi had taken a bath in the sacred Pushkirini Lake stiated near the Ashok Pillar to the south. The ancient lake is a major attraction for tourists It is traditionally believed that Lord Buddha was barhed with the water from the same lake after his birth.

Birth Marker Stone

The Stone Marker of Lord Buddha's birth place is preserved within the Mayadevi Temple enclosed in a glass box. The marker stone precisely marks the birth place of Lord Buddha. The marker stone was uncarthed in 1996 AD .

Lumbini Museum

A museum has also been established at the Lumbini garden to preserve the historical artifacts like clothes, coins, idols and other items related to Buddhism uneartned during excavations carried out around Lumbini in differentr times. Tourists can view these artifacts in the museum for study and reserch. The museum is frequently visited by those seeking information about Buddha.

Idol of Mayadevi

The 3 feet tall idol of Mayadevi carved on a stone tablet is extimated to have been originated in the 4th centuary. The idol is located in the sanctum of the Mayadevi Temple. The carved figure over the stone tablet has however eroded and the carved figures have been obscured. The idol is also known as the Birth Idol as it depicts the birth of Lord Buddha. The idol shows Mayadevi learing to a tree while giving birth and there are two heavenly messengers waiting to receive Buddha. Figure of infant Buddha is at the centre of the idol.

World Peace Pagoda

The World Peace Stupa was constructed at Lumbini to spread the message of peace, friendship , goodwill in the world and to raise awareness to keep the earth pure and clean. The 41.5 m tall stupa is one of the major attractions of Lumbini. The stupa was constructed as part of the campaign by Japanese Buddhist preacher Fujing to construct World Peace Stupa in different parts of world. It takes 25 minutes to reach the World Peace Stupa from Mayadevi Temple .

World Peace Flame

The eternal World Peace Flame is a major attraction of the Lumbini garden located at the centre of the garden and Tourists flock to observe the flame that is kept glowing uninterrupted 24 hours a day. The flame was lighted on 1st November, 1986 AD. The flame that represents peace and fraternity in the world was b brought from the United States of America as part of the celebration of the International Peace Year. The eternal flame can be reached at the end of a 10 minutes walk from the Mayadevi Temple.


Tilaurakot was the capital of the ancient Kapilvastu state of the Shakya dynasty. The place is important both historically and religiously and Siddartha Gautam had spent 29 yrs of his early life here. The archeologically important ruins of the eastern and western gates of the town sging between 2nd to 4th centuries BC can still be seen. It is located 25 km west of Lumbini.


There are many historical sites around Lumbini and Kapilvastu associated with the life of Lord Buddha. Kudan is also one of such sites the place where according to a popular belief; Lord Buddha met his father King Shuddhodan when he returned after attainment of Enlightment. The place is located about 5 km south of Tilaurakot.


Devdaha the birthplace of Lord Buddha's mother Mayadevi and consort Yasudhara is located at Rupandehi district And 56 km east of Lumbini was the capital of the Koliya rulers. There is a popular belief that Lord Buddha had visited the place 7 yrs after attaining enlightenment most tourist visitng Lumbini also visit Devdaha.


The Sangrahawa region that witnessed the massacre of thousand of Shakyas in the ancient time is an important historical site of Kapilvastu district. The region represents a dard chapter of the history. The site is littered with ancient ruins , Sangrahawa is located 12 km north of Taulihawa.